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Tall Foot Bath

Looking for a foot bath that can help improve your foot health? Search no more than the Tall foot basin! This wooden bucket foot bath tub grants a comfortable cover to make using your throne as an ideal place to relax, plus, the massage function provides you with a valuable amount of pressure to improve your foot health.

Foot Bath Buckets

Our foot bath buckets come with a heated foot bath spa foot soak tub and Tall spa foot bath bucket, this foot spa comes with fillers to keep feet healthy and warm, and a wantage-made to-go kit. Our foot bath buckets and fillers are sensational for feet that are cold or who are new to the the foot bath buckets come in several sizes to tailor most needs, and our team is available to answer any questions you may have, this Tall foot bath spa offers a variety of soaks to help you get a foot bath. From traditional foot bath, to a foot soak, this spa offers you covered, the spa comes with a soak tub, so you can get your feet wet or cold, when you come in for a foot bath. This Tall foot bathtub features a beautiful wooden bucket foot bath tub with a comfortable cover, with its Tall finish and simple design, this tub is excellent for an individual searching for a standing or sitting massage. The smooth wooden surface is uncomplicated to clean and is good for overall health and well-being, this Tall foot bath provides two-foot-tall sign that reads: "2 foot Tall spa bath - 24 inch vertical wood sign. " the bath presents been designed with a Tall spa in mind, with a deep water area and a strong wood finish, the bath can accommodate up to 24 people at one time, and imparts a comfortable layout that makes it basic to get to your treatments.