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Soaking Crystals Foot Bath

Soaking Crystals foot bath is a safe and effective surrogate to soothe and relax the body, it offers an 6 pack of its natural tea tree supplements for use in your home. The bath is backed by an 6 month warranty.

Robe Body Wash Lotion Foot Soak Crystals

Baylis & Harding Dressing Gown

By Baylis Harding


Epsom & Sea Salt

x2 PediFix Tea Tree Oil

By PediFix


Soaking Crystals Foot Bath Ebay

This Soaking crystal foot bath will help soothe and protect your feet with it seduced Crystals and salt ink symbols, the pack of 6 feet bath with people Soaking Crystals and sea salt will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This Soaking crystal foot bath is a best-in-class addition to home baths with natural ingredients, the tea tree oil and sea salt added to the ultimates Soaking crystal foot bath provide arbitrary content and helpful tips for Soaking your Crystals foot bath. This Soaking Crystals foot bath is top-notch for folks who are hunting for a quick and effortless way to soothe and relax, the Crystals will soothe and protect the feet by the energy of stress and anxiety. This foot bath also comes with 6 sea salt flakes which helps to soothe and relax the feet, Soaking crystals: pedifix tea tree ultimates foot Soaking Crystals epsom & sea salt package of comes with mesmerizing Soaking Crystals that can be used to rs of massage, reflex development and of course to improve circulation. The tea tree oil is of medical degree in medical science and peppermint oil are other less commonly available oils.