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Rose Petal Foot Bath

Introducing the new Rose Petal foot bath soap - an and scented version of our popular foot bath soaks, this sopping pile of roses is sure to leave your feet feeling scented! Made pcs.

Best Rose Petal Foot Bath

This natural real flower Petal bath features 100 grams dried red Rose petals, the bath features a foot bath area with water, air, and natural Rose petals. The natural smell of the petals will be present in the bath, the bath also includes a foot bath area with air and natural Rose petals. The bath will help to soothe and nourish the feet, this natural bath foot product is produced from 100 grams dried Rose petals. This bath foot is enticing for people with high levels of beauty care, the Rose Petal bath foot is top-quality for people who ache to improve their foot health and beautify their foot through spa-like effects. This product is a hand held bath with a Rose Petal design, the spa foot skin care is for use on feet and body. The petals are dried and free of harmful chemicals, the spa foot bath is unrivalled for individuals with feet that are not getting the recommended daily bath. Our Rose Petal foot bath is top-grade for lovers who grove on to bath, this bath grants all the benefits of dried Rose petals, minus the mess. Our foot bath is cold and water that is sensational for your feet and hands.