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Plastic Foot Bath

If you're digging for a collapsible foot bath spa that helps relieve stress and tension, you'll adore the foot bath spa, our kit includes a foot pedicure tub kit, which can be attached to surface. Plus, it's designed to stress you out before you work, so, get ready for some relief with the foot bath spa.

Plastic Foot Bath Ebay

This Plastic foot bath is an unequaled choice to keep your feet clean and hunting great, the bristles careen through the cool water scrubbing away every bit of dirt and grease. The scrubbing continue with a bath step that takes about 30 minutes to clean, the result: tired, aching, and rejuvenated feet. This Plastic foot bath will leave you feeling steamed and hot, the steam power of the steam foot spa will heat up your feet and feet, while the massager can care for your feet while they warm up. The electric rollers on the timer will keep your feet feeling clean and dry, while the of the steamed footbath is your guide to what's going on, our Plastic foot bath can help soothe and soothe off the feet of all. The body, mind and foot can be treated all with the unique and convenience of this product, with our heat soaker, it is possible to get a hot, steaming soaked through the feet for a short amount of time. The massager can pressure and deep pressure for a better soaping and treatment, the massage bubble roller can help with the bubble-making and bubble-freeze service, making it possible to get a touch of beauty and life left on one's feet. The deep soaker is possible to adopt for long periods of time, taking care of the feet for one haley type of session, lastly, the heat massager can get the skin hot and ready for treatment, while the heat soaker can get the feet soaping and soaked for a while. Looking for a Plastic foot bath that can help improve your feet' circulation and help you feel better about your feet? This x large feet foot spa bath is perfect! The hot soaker water and massage oil in the soaker are good for feet that are feeling left out or irritated, and the bubble roller deep soak helps to soothe and relax feet.