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Pedicure Foot Bath

Introducing the Pedicure foot bath massager! This all-in-one foot bath tool with heat soaker bubbles and vibration massage pen can help you treat all your foot pain without ever having to leave your bed, the Pedicure timer will let you know when it's your turn again.

Kids Foot Bath

Introducing the newest addition to our foot spa bath massager line-up! This motorized massager is exquisite for spa users who covet to get the most from their moments in the bath, with 16 settings and an easy-to-use control box, this massager is sensational for an individual who wants to get the most out of their footbath. The collapsible foot spa with foot massager rollers Pedicure tub kit stress relief is exquisite for individuals who are feeling a bit of stress in their life, with its collapsible body and rollers Pedicure tub kit, foot spa bath is basic to operate and can be used for both women and girls. The rollers can be attached to a coat hanger for uncomplicated storage, and the penile massager is specifically designed to feel first-class in the tub, this inflatable foot bath will make your feet feel like you're floating! The bubble roller will help to reduce pain and inflammation while the soaker is to keep you warm. The massager can, in turn, cause better circulation and relief from muscle aches, the spa massager will also vibrate to help you relax. This foot bath grants 5 unique fragrances that will make you enjoying your pedicure! Will be with you as you enjoy our foot bath and then next class, we offer this as an 6-pack for $10.