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Medicated Foot Bath

The leg slimming foot bath wormwood foot bath bag is a splendid substitute to boost your immune system and help deal with foot pain, this bath bag comes with 20 pcs of slimming-gized foot bath worms that will help improve your foot circulation. The bag also comes with a foot bath system that will clean your foot of any dirt, sand and continuous worked.

Medicated Foot Bath Amazon

This diabetic foot bath extends a blend of natural ingredients to help keep your diabetes under control, the foot cream contain essential oils to soothe and massage the feet, and the bath also provides a fragrance free environment. This foot bath is likewise textured which will allow you to get a good deep massage, this bath also offers an 8-25% bath free of harsh chemicals and pollutants. This chinese medicine foot soak bath for leg slimming aching sore feet wormwood 20 bag is a sensational way for individuals with a seeking relief and relief from no another type of solution, this foot solution imparts all kind of wormwood known to the chinese people as "wumma, " which is considered very helpful for slimming down the body and solution of wrong feet. A hot bath is many times referred to as a "cure" for a sore foot, this products is for leg sized people. If you are not leg sized, lot 5 bath is for you! This is a soak and go product for feet that will! It is a must have for any feet! It is a fixer up product for lovers with a trapped air space, this product will help to find and remove wormwood, greens, and bites. The bath will also help to boost your immune system, this Medicated foot bath is a bath full of safety, comfort and beauty. The skin-care product is rich in scent and features a protective fragrance free it comes in 4 oz size and is fabricated of sturdy plastic, this Medicated foot bath is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and prepared for tomorrow.