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Large Foot Bath

Looking for a Large foot bath that will relax and soothe your feet? Don't look anywhere than the x Large feet foot spa, this spa offers massages, heat treatments, and more for your foot care needs. The Large foot bath offers everything you need to get your feet in the best possible condition, making it a fantastic place to relax and heal up, whether you're scouring for a quick massage or a long, ordained treatment, the x Large feet foot spa is a top-notch place to go.

Big Foot Bath

Looking for a foot bath that will leave your feet feeling soft and inviting? This Large foot bath by x Large feet is exquisite for this! The foot spa bath is packed with features and can do everything from the size 16 foot bath is top-of-the-heap for people with Large feet, the spa is based on a-knots and features a shiatsu roller massager and a motorized roller massager. The 16 foot bath imparts a Large enough area that you can enjoy your bath without worrying about being in touch with your feet, the spa also features a-knots and a roller massage machine that provide a relaxing experience on Large feet. This extra Large foot bath basin is sensational for feet! It imparts a Large size for items like tools and bristle brushes, it also imparts a deep bowl for plenty of baths and conditioning. The massager tube is included for a mytho-like experience, this Large foot bath basin is top for soaking up Large amounts of hot water! The large, a-frame build means that it can hold a Large amount of water, and the design means that it can be durability-friendly. The blue finish means that foot soaking bath is basin is sure to durable your feet over time.