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Ionizing Foot Bath

This foot bath spa features two ionizing tools to help clean and protect your feet. The ionizing tools include a water ionizer and an electrifier purifier. The foot bath also includes a spa-like effect with luxurious, refreshing water.

Erchonia Foot Bath

There's something about a good foot bath that makes it feel like the world is new again. When I think of erchonia foot bath, my attention is drawn to the other products in the shop - it's team erchonia! . the erchonia foot bath is made up of 3 parts: the water, the soap, and the scrub. I was worried that the scrub would come out feeling like it was constantly sanding down everything, but my concerns were un founded. the scrub is incredibly intense and it took me a few minutes to get the water feeling my audience it down to the bottom of my foot. once I was happy with my estimate, I started to give it to the dog. the dog loved it, and the foot bath felt amazing too! The soap was gentle and cleaning my feet was immediate. I would definitely recommend this foot bath to other people!

Eb Pro Ionic Foot Bath

The eb pro ionizer water is a high-quality electricier purifier foot bath spa with a feels great experience. Our ionizer water is designed to leave your feet and skin feeling alive and healthy. With our dual tool heal, you will be able to restore balance and improve your sense of well-being. this professional grade ionic foot bath machine is the perfect way too your home and your body with maximum ionization. This machine can clean your skin and teeth with just a little bit of energy used, so you can start feeling better this way. The two arrays of anionizing cells will help to clean your teeth and skin while the back-up array will clean your hair and nails. the eb pro detox foot bath is perfect for those who are looking to reduce their risk of heart disease and other chronic health problems. This foot bath uses a blue algae extract ionizer to cleanse and protect the feet. The eb pro detox foot bath also comes with a water bottle and case. the eb pro foot boilers is a perfect addition to any bath room. This blue alkaline energy flask is perfect for using in water with an ionizer. Theeb pro foot bath will be industries leading pre-filter before it can be used in the ocean. The eb pro foot boilers are the perfect way to extend the life of your water without sacrificing quality.