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Ionic Foot Bath Plates

Our foot bath Plates are great for shoppers with feet that are on the detox side, they're mesh-covered and are meant to work as a detoxification system, while the array below them helps to cleanse and detoxify your feet. They're uncomplicated to use, just add water and let the detox machine work its magic.

Best Ionic Foot Bath Plates

The quad plate array for Ionic foot baths is an amazing piece of technology that helps to clean and detox your feet every time you use them, this is not only convenient but also backyard-friendly as well. The array of Plates can help to clean not only the front and back of your feet, but also the sides and top of your feet, this technology is sure to clean your feet better than any traditional foot bath. The ion exchange pro is excellent for foot baths and detoxes your feet of toxins while in the spa, its quad plate system does all of the work for you, making sure your feet are getting the exchange they need and want. The detox spa machine helps cleanse and detox your body in the shower, and our machine can do it all in it works: the pro is a pro-quality ion exchange foot bath foot detox machine that does the work for you while in the spa, its quad plate system helps remove toxins from your feet, and the detox spa machine helps cleanse and detox your body in the shower. The Ionic foot bath detox machine is a terrific device for people who are wanting to clean and detox their feet, this machine offers an array of features that make it straightforward to adopt and clean your feet clean. The machine can clean the feet in up to 10 minutes so you can get back to your day-to-day activities with ease, this 2-piece array for Ionic foot bath is unequaled for enthusiasts who are scouring to get rid of bacteria and bad odor in their Ionic foot bath. The plate assembly is produced of two- plate material that is conjointly non-toxic and uncomplicated to clean, it comes with an included water tank that can be refilled with additional water. Additionally, there is a built-in filter that can help remove any unsavory smells in your Ionic foot bath.