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Intex Foot Bath

Intex is a brand that offers quality swimming pools, foot baths, and spas, their pool feet are always so slippery and always feeling so hot and sweaty. So when they released their Intex foot bath, you knew it was good! This foot bath is above the pool, so it keeps your feet cool and comfortable, plus, the Intex foot bath gives a built-in top that makes it basic to take care of.

Best Intex Foot Bath

The Intex foot bath is a top substitute to save on energy and protect your pool's finishing touches, the 18 foot solar vinyl cover ensures your foot bath never needs to feel heavy; and the wall-mounted automatic surface skimmer ensures your foot bath always clean and clarity-seeking. Finally, the Intex cover provides basic assembly and removal; making it straightforward for you to keep your foot bath running smooth, Intex foot bath pool ladders are first-rate for lovers wanting for a temporary solution to your pool's tired-looking feet. The 1-pack blue model includes ladders, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and shampoo, these ladders are splendid for lovers who have a tired-looking pool who need some tlc. Intex pool foot bath rinse tub station for swimming pools is a straightforward and convenient surrogate to clean your pool, this Intex station can also help you get a healthy bath every time you go swimming. With an anti slip surface, it is straightforward to slide in and out of the pool, this Intex foot bath is a top-notch substitute for people who have a with a non-slip bottom. The foot bath grants a cool water and hot water system, as well as a foot bath even for children, the foot bath gives two rinse capabilities, and is dishwasher safe.