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Infrared Foot Bath

Foot bath spa is a first-rate solution for admirers with foot odor and skin conditions, the cleanse machine can help you care for your feet in a surrogate that keeps them healthy and searching their best. The large lcd care machine also helps you get the most out of your reflexology and weight loss treatments.

Hotspa Foot Bath

This unique and stylish foot bath gives a bubbly heat display that can be attached to a coat or shirt, the Infrared technology can be used to relax and de-stress the feet. The massager grants an 20 metre power cord and a digital display with on-off control, this Infrared foot bath will help you relax and de-stress. The bubble heat led display will show you how close you are to hav a relaxant massage, the Infrared technology will heat up your feet so you can enjoy a relaxing massage. This foot bath is conjointly unique in that it is recommended for use in home use, this Infrared foot bath spa features a relaxing ambiance of bubble heat and led display for a comfortable experience. With its Infrared range and this foot spa is dandy for lovers needs to relax and relax your feet, the Infrared foot bath is a sterling alternative to relax and fix yourself from the inside out. This foot bath grants a built in massage tool with Infrared heat to help you feel your best, the bubble with heat led display Infrared relax foot soak tub can be used for a quick and straightforward relax-ment, or as a long-term foot bath. The tub is deep and 2 and gives a comfortable nomadic design.