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Ginger Foot Bath

Ginger foot bath is an unique and modern take on foot bath, this store offers 20 bags of Ginger foot bath for $20. This foot bath is designed to leave your feet feeling clean and refreshed.

20 Bags  By Han Fang

Ginger Foot Bath 20 Bags

By Han Fang


Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Foot Soak, Leg Slimming Foot Bath, Natural Mugwort Her

Ginger Foot Bath Ebay

This Ginger foot bath will leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! The drainage Ginger foot bath is an outstanding substitute to keep your feet healthy and healthy looking, this 10 powder foot bath pack contains 10 g of drainage foot bath powder. It can be used as a soak or for just one step of your daily routine, this 10-30 pcs Ginger foot soak foot bath powder foot spa packs natural detox patch. Is an outstanding addition to your foot bath, it will help to clean and- more importantly- detoxify your feet. The natural detox patch will help to reduce the risk of skin irritation and fungus, finally, the natural ointment provides hours of comfort and protects the delicate skin. Drainage is an unique type of drainage system that is designed to massage and relax the feet, this bath system is top-rated for enthusiasts who wish to relax and de-stress. The Ginger is therapeutic and edematous, making it a best-in-class tool for treating any foot issue, the Ginger foot bath is a splendid surrogate to get a little bit in your feet! The water will and cool your feet in the process. The legume bath will also reduce stress and tension from your feet, soles of your feet, and skimming your head and shoulders.