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Foot Bath Cvs

Looking for a foot bath that can help soothe and cleanse your feet? Look no further than the Cvs foot soak soaking crystals! These crystals provide 7 individual shampoo and soap strokes that will help to cleanse and soothe your feet, plus, the bonus scrub stone will help to keep your feet healthy and having a good time.

Best Foot Bath Cvs

The foot bath is a sensational surrogate to soothe and nourish your feet with the bonus of the Cvs foot scrub stone, this package includes 7 scents unique to foot care products. The foot bath is a splendid alternative for people who are digging for a stress-free day in their feet are feeling good, the footbath 7 pack is a terrific choice to get your foot clean and healthy! This product comes with care stone to help get the foot clean and healthy! The foot bath at Cvs is best-in-the-class for dry and cracked feet! It comes with 7 pack of care scrub stones. This foot bath grants care stone for maximized and exfoliation, introducing the foot bath cvs! This is a beneficial deal on an 7-pack of our new care scrub stones! If you're digging to soothe and clean your feet, Cvs foot soak soaking crystals foot bath is the set for you! The foot bath contains 7 stones that come in a recyclable plastic bag which helps to keep them healthy and fresh for up to 10 days.