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Dog Foot Bath

Dog foot bath is a beneficial surrogate to keep your furry friend article clean and free of dirt and dirt accumulating on their feet, the microfiber towel is so gentle on the feet and is good for overall cleanliness and the Dog may even get a little smell of rest.

Foot Bath For Dogs

This foot bath is practical for your dog! It is a microfiber cloth that fits perfectly over their feet and it effortless to adopt and makes for a cozy and refreshing foot bath, this paw Dog foot bath extends everything you need to keep your foot clean and free of bacteria: a microfiber cloth that needs to be put on directly over your foot, and a set of sudsing tips that will help you get the most out of your footbath. The bath also includes rinse and a set of white microfiber cloths to keep your footbath clean and free of bacteria, the automatic pet foot cleaner cats dogs feet washer is top-grade for keeping your pet's feet clean and tidy. The washer can also washer their feet if they're tired or if they need to rest, this washer is even able to clean their feet if they're sick. This Dog foot bath tub will make your pet feel like a celebrity! The luxurious black and green color is sure to make him or her feel special and clean, the tub also includes an electric washer and dryer, allowing you to dry their hair and teeth with minutes of your time.