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Aqua Chi Foot Bath

Looking for a way to help your feet feel better and make the detox process easier? Check out our Aqua Chi footbath and spas! Our ionic foot bath will help clean your feet of toxins while our cleansing machine will detox you and your family.

Cheap Aqua Chi Foot Bath

Looking for a feet cleaning service that you can trust? Aqua Chi foot bath is that company for you! Provides the highest quality water and care services with aquamarine as your name, this water soluble foot bath provides an ingredients list that includes 13 pollutants less than of other foot washing services. Aqua Chi foot bath is top-of-the-heap for enthusiasts with dry or bruised feet and is for complete foot cleaning including care and maintenance, this Chi foot bath machine is a valuable surrogate to stay toxins-free. The dual ionic detoxing fiber is sure to clean and your feet with ease, the included water guide and pressure relief valve give you complete control over the water pressure and cleaning temperature. This water-based bath will help clear your feet of toxins and help improve your overall health, the Aqua Chi series 11 hh3-2 professional detox foot bath is an unique product that creates a positive sanitation environment for the user. The foot bath includes an unique water recipe that helps to reduce the could of toxins in the body, the Aqua Chi series 11 hh3-2 professional detox foot bath is able to with a whiting solution, cold water, and a detergent to clean the feet. This Aqua Chi foot bath is a top-grade tool for chlorination and final detoxification, thedual plate ionic Aqua Chi foot bath allows for gentle water washing and chlorination while the water is waiting for the final purge. The Chi foot bath also features a watertight sealer to keep the water at a top-notch temperature.