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Antique Claw Foot Bath

Looking for a historic Claw foot bath tub? Look no further than our Antique Claw foot bath tub cast iron vintage! This bathtub is a find for any and all who are hunting for an unique and authentic old school style bathtub, if you're searching for a cast iron bathtub for your home then we you as one of the many our customers.

Second Hand Claw Foot Bath

This second hand Claw foot bathtub presents an old world look to it, the cast iron bathtub is 2022 and tired with its wear and tear. The tub renders four Claw foot feet set on politics and it is a good value for the price you set it at, this bathtub is a good alternative for a busy woman or a tired man. This is a practical vintage example of an Antique cast iron bathtub, it renders the traditional Claw foot bathtub feet, and is currently 7 tall. The red is beautiful, and the blue is vibrant, this is a top-grade piece from the era, and is an excellent value too! This Antique brass soap sponge holder dish for claws in a bathtub is dandy for when you're scouring to add a touch of luxury to your space. This dish is crafted from beautiful, old-fashioned brass, and is splendid for use at home or in an office, it's also comfortable to adopt and makes a valuable addition to each bathtub. This Antique brass soap dish and spoon holder from a vintage bathtub is an exceptional addition to your bathroom, the Claw foot bathtub is an exceptional substitute to add a touch of luxury to your home flooring. When using, this piece extends the uncomfortable feel of a Claw foot bathtub against your feet.