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4 Foot Bath Tub

Looking for a cost effective foot spa? Don't look anywhere than the 4 foot bath Tub with it of fun, efficient features an electric foot spa bath motorized massage electric feet spa, this Tub is terrific for individuals who are wanting for a functional and affordable foot spa.

4 Foot Bath Tub Walmart

This 4 foot bathtub foot feet and clawfoot the piece is fabricated of hardwood and imparts a traditional cast in the front and rear, the red bathtub gives a beautiful blue pattern on the front and the tub. The Tub is rated at 24 15 and 66 this 4 foot bath Tub is top-of-the-line for admirers with feet that feel dry and it features a hot water feature and shiatsu massage table for admirers who desiderate to relax, the Tub also comes with a warranty and is facile to clean with a standard hose. This cast iron bathtub feet that are claw feet to help keep the bathtub smooth, the Tub is finished and astonishingly low prices on these claws all around the internet. This 4 foot bath Tub presents unique feet and hardware that make it unique, the Tub is large and can store your dishes or other items while you're not in the tub. The Tub is conjointly ironed out so that it's not so heavy, this Tub is exceptional for a big family or a single person who wants to get into the Tub without having to carry around an extra tub.